Texhoma's Public Library was a gift to the people of Texhoma from Esther and Jesse B. Riffe and was completed in 1956.

The town's first library was housed on the second floor of the old First National Bank building.

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New Selections for 2016


		The Blood Gospel ---------------------- James Rollins
		Innocent Blood ------------------------ James RoIIins
		When Breath Becomes Air --------------- Paul Kalanithi
		Killing Reagan ------------------------ Bill O'Reil1y
		Retire Inspired ----------------------- Chris Hogan
		Her Mother's Hope --------------------- Francine Rivers
   		Her Daughter's Dream ------------------ Francine Rivers
		Redeeming Love ------------------------ Francine Rivers
		Diary Of A Wimpy Kid ------------------ Jeff Kinney
		Rivers -------------------------------- Michael Farris Smith
MAY 2016

		Lisa Scottoline ------------------------ Betrayed
		Robert B. Parker ----------------------- Cheap Shot
		Jonuthan Kel]erman --------------------- Killer
		Liza Gardner --------------------------- Fear Nothing
		Mary Higgins Clark --------------------- As Time Goes By
		JOgn Sandford -------------------------- Extreme Prey
		Robert Galbraith ----------------------- The Cuckoo's Calling
		Curtis Sittenfeld ---------------------- Sisterland
		Chris Cleave --------------------------- Gold
		Scott Turow ---------------------------- Identical
		Dean Koontz ---------------------------- Ashley Bell
		Osborne, Mary. Pope -------------------- High Time For Heroes
		Osborne, Mary Pope --------------------- Danger In The Darkest Hour
		Osborne, Mary Pope --------------------- Soccer On Sunday
		Osborne, Mary Pope --------------------- A Perfect Time For Pandas
		Osborne, Mary Pope --------------------- Survival- Guide
		Osborne, Mary Pope --------------------- Balto Of The Blue Dawn
		Osborne, Mary Pope --------------------- Abe Lincoln at Last
		Osborne, Mary Pope --------------------- Hurry Up Houdini
		Osborne, Mary Pope --------------------- A Crazy Day With Cobras
		James Rollins -------------------------- The Bone Labyrinth
		Michael Connelly ----------------------- The Gods Of Guilt
		Cybthia Sweeney ------------------------ The Nest
		Harlan Coban --------------------------- Fool Me Once
		Jeffery Deaver ------------------------- Solitude Creek
		Fiona Barton --------------------------- The Widow
		James Rollins -------------------------- Blood Infernal
		Tami Hoag ------------------------------ Cold Cold Heart
		Sally Hepworth ------------------------- The Things We Keep
		Robert Galbraith ----------------------- The Silkworm
		Amy Tan -------------------------------- The Valley Of Ama
		Amy Tan -------------------------------- The Joy Luck Club
		Lynn Austin ---------------------------- Keepers Of The Covenant
		Robert B. Parker ----------------------- Blackjack

JUNE 2016

		OMG! Alll About Me ---------------------- Rachel Russell
		Tales from a Not So Happy Heartbreaker -- Rachel Russell
		Tales From a Not So Smart Mil Know IT All - Rachel Russell
		Tales From a Not So Dorky Drama ---------- Rachel Russell
		Tales From a Not So Talented Pop Star ---- Rachel Russell
		How To Dork Your Family ------------------ Rachel Russell
		Tales From a Not So Popular Part Girl ---- Rachel Russell
		Tales From a Not So Glam TV Star --------- Rachel Russell
		Tales From a Not So Happy Ever After ----- Rachel Russell
		Tales From a Not So Fambulous Life ------- Rachel Russell
		Tales From a Not So Graceful Princess ---- Rachel Russell
		The Trail OF Appollo --------------------- Rick Riordan
		End of Watch ----------------------------- Stephen King
		The House of Secrets --------------------- Sidney Sheldon
		Auschwitz -------------------------------- Lawrence Rees
		Sceondhand Time -------------------------- Svetlana Alexuevich
		Lovker Hero ------------------------------ Rachel Russell
		Home For Peculiar Children --------------- Ransom Riggs
		Hollow City ------------------------------ Ransom Riggs
		Library of Souls ------------------------- Ransom Riggs
		The Excellent Lambards ------------------- Jane Hamilton
		War Hawk --------------------------------- James Rollins
		Angels & Demons -------------------------- Dan Brown
		Crimson Shore ---------------------------- Child & Preston
		Class Sword ------------------------------ Victoria Aveyard
		Til Dearth Do Us Part -------------------- Amanda Quick
		Painted Ladies --------------------------- Robert Parker
		Blood Lines ------------------------------ James Rollins
		Hide Away -------------------------------- Iris Johansen
		The Last Mile ---------------------------- David Baldacci

JULY 2016

Just One Evil Act ------------------------- George, Elizabeth						
NYPD Red ---------------------------------- Patterson, James
lnnocence --------------------------------- Koontz, Dean
Brotherhood ln Death ---------------------- Robb, J.D.
14th Colony ------------------------------- Berry, Steve
La Rose ----------------------------------- Erdrick Louise
My Grandma Asked Me To Tell You She ls Sorry - Backman,Fredrik
The Lowland  ------------------------------ Lahiri, Jhumpa
The Girls --------------------------------- Cline, Emma							
Butter Safe Than Sorry -------------------- Myers, Tamar
Tall Tail --------------------------------- Brown, Rita		
The Girl From Summer Hill ----------------- Deveraux, Jude
And The Shofar Blew ----------------------- Rivers, Francine
Clawback ---------------------------------- Jance, J.A.	
Custard's Last Stand ---------------------- Myers, Tamar
Cross Justice ----------------------------- Patterson, James
Refusal ----------------------------------- Francis, Dick	
A House Divided --------------------------- Whitlow, Rober		
Breakdown --------------------------------- Kellerman, Jonthan	
Flight Of Dreams -------------------------- Lawley, Noah
She's Not There --------------------------- Fielding		
Ordinary Grace ---------------------------- Krueger, William Kent	
Full Force And Effect --------------------- Clancy, Tom	
Beyond The Ice Limit ---------------------- Preston & Child		
The Hand That Rocks the Ladle ------------- Myers,Tamar		
The Shadow Patrol ------------------------- Berenson, Alex		
Divergent --------------------------------- Roth, Veronica		
lnsurgent --------------------------------- Roth, Veronica	
Allegiant --------------------------------- Roth, Veronica	
Lessons My Father Taught Me --------------- Reagan, Michael
First Women	------------------------------- Brower, Kate Andersen	
Killing Kennedy --------------------------- O'Reilly Bill 	
Killing A King ---------------------------- Ephron, Dan	
lssac's Army ------------------------------ BNrzezinski	
Half Broke Horses ------------------------- Walls, Janette
Rosemary ---------------------------------- Larson Kate Clifford		
Only Stones Survive ----------------------- Llywelyn, Morgan   
Let Me Be Frank With You ------------------ Ford, Richard	
The Secret Sword -------------------------- Geraldine, Brook  
A Strangeness ln My Mind ------------------ Pamuk, Orhan  
Miller's Valley --------------------------- Quindlen, Anna  
The Patriots ------------------------------ O'Reilly, Bill  
Cell -------------------------------------- Cook, Robin		
Tales From A Not So Happy Heartbreaker ----- Russell, Rachel
Tales From A Not So Smart Miss Know lt All - Russell, Rachel
Tales From A Not-So-Dorky Drama Queen ------ Russell, Rachel
Tales From A Not So Talented Pop Star ------ Russell, Rachel
How To Dork Your Family -------------------- Russell, Rachel
lales From A Not So Popular Party Girl ----- Russell, Rachel
Tales From A Not- So-Glam TV Star ---------- Russell, Rachel
Tales From A not So-Happily Ever After ----- Russell, Rachel
Tales From A Not-So-Fabulous Life ---------- Russell, Rachel
Tales From A Not-So-Graceful Ice Princess -- Russell, Rachel
The Tales Of Apollo ------------------------ Riordan, Rick
End Of Watch ------------------------------- King, Stephen
Chasing Tomorrow --------------------------- Sheldon, Sidney
The House Of Secrets ----------------------- Meltzer, Brad
Auschwitz ---------------------------------- Rees, Lawrence
Secondhand Time ---------------------------- Alexievich, Svetlana
Locker Hero -------------------------------- Russell, Rachel
Home For Peculiar Children ----------------- Riggs, Ransom
Hollow City -------------------------------- Riggs, Ransom
Library Of Souls --------------------------- Riggs, Ransom
The Excellent Lombards --------------------- Hamilton, Jane
War Hawk ----------------------------------- Rollins, James
Crimson Shore ------------------------------ Preston & Child
Angels And Demons -------------------------- Brown, Dan
Glass Sword -------------------------------- Aveyard, Victoria
'Til Death Do Us Part ---------------------- Quick, Amanda
Painted Ladies ----------------------------- Parker, Robert B.
Blood Line --------------------------------- Rollins, James
The Last Mile ------------------------------ Baldacci, David
Killing Jesus ------------------------------ O'Reully, Bill
Titans ------------------------------------- Meacham, Leila
The Wind Through The Keyhole --------------- King, Stephen
Deadline ----------------------------------- Brown, Sandra
The Silver Star ---------------------------- Walls, Jeannette
Lilac Girls -------------------------------- Kelly, Maftha Hall
First Comes Love --------------------------- Giffin, Emily
Top Secret Twenty-One ---------------------- Evanovich, Janet
My Name ls Lucy Barton --------------------- Strout, Elizabeth
Warriors ----------------------------------- Bell, Ted
The Obsession ------------------------------ Roberts, Nora
The Death Trade ---------------------------- Higgind, Jack
Support And Defend ------------------------- Clancy, Tom
The Murder House --------------------------- Patterson, James
River Road --------------------------------- Krentz, Jayne
1Sth Affair -------------------------------- Patterson, James
Bull River --------------------------------- Parker, Robert B.
Career Of Evil ----------------------------- Galbraith, Robert
A Voice ln The Wind ------------------------ Rivers, Francine
Echo ln The Darkness ----------------------- Rivers, Francine
As Sure As The Dawn ------------------------ Rivers, Francine
The Girls Of August ------------------------ Siddons, Anne Rivers
Undiplomatic Murder ------------------------ Truman, Margaret
Eligible ----------------------------------- Sittenfeld, Curtis


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